What’s on Tap?

Beer List

updated 12.30.2019

*Colt 46 | American Light Lager | 4.3% | 16/23oz | 6/8

Our lightest offering in color, calories and carbs. An easy-drinking American light lager brewed with 100% malt and no adjuncts

*Naughty Little Pils| Session Pilsner | 4.5% | 16/23oz| 6/8

Brewed with the finest noble hops and German Pilsner malt, this beer is crisp, clean, and sessionable with a bright, snappy finish that invites you back for another sip. And another, and another….

*Export Lager| Dortmunder Lager| 5.8% | 16/23oz| 6/8

 A classic Dortmunder/Export-style German Lager. Brewed with imported malts & hops, this beer is smooth & easy drinking. Gentle cracker/biscuit malt notes balanced out by a spicy & herbal hop bite.

Do Right | Wheat Pale Ale | 4.5% | 16/23oz | 6/8

Brewed in support of Ales For ALS. This pale ale is brewed with large portions of wheat as well as lemon and lime peel for refreshing notes of citrus and passionfruit. $1 from every pint goes towards research to cure ALS!

*Blonde on Blonde-Kohatu| Pale Ale | 6% | 16/23oz | 6/8

Our rotating hopped pale ale. This batch of Blonde on Blonde was crafted using New Zealand Kohatu hops, which contribute notes of tropical bubblegum and lime.

*Jungle Crush! | Modern IPA| 7% | 16/23oz | 7/9

A house favorite: Low malt profile with massive additions of Citra, Simcoe, Cascade, and Mosaic yield a crisp and citrusy IPA. Punchy nose and full flavor, welcome to the Jungle!

*Starlit | New England Pale Ale| 5.5% | 16/23oz | 7/9

Flaked wheat and oats give this juicy, crushable pale ale a soft and silky body. Citra and Amarillo hops were used almost entirely for dry hop, for an aroma forward beer with notes of mango,  lemon, and pineapple.

*Naughty Nurse IPA | IPA | 6.5% | 16/23oz | 6/8

Double dry hopped with  five different varieties of American hops. Golden in color with light malt character and a slight haze. A clean American IPA that makes an easy food pairing with most of our menu

Focused  Haze | NEIPA | 7% | 16/23oz | 7/9

This Hazy IPA was brewed with a focus beyond its appearance. Flaked Oats and wheat provide a silky texture for the soft, juicy flavors of Citra and Mosaic to shine, while massive dry hopping creates a complex medley of fruit flavors including mixed berries, juicy apricot, and ripe orange.

*Naughty Nurse | Amber Ale | 5% | 16/23oz | 6/8

Brewed for a spicy, slightly bittersweet finish in the traditional  English manner. Delicate malt caramel-like sweetness paired with traditional English hops. Our flagship ale!

*No Sleep Till Bamberg| Smoked Maibock | 5.8% | 16/23oz | 6/8

Dark gold appearance with bready, caramel and toast qualities complimenting smokey notes of wood, honey, and vanilla from the use of beechwood smoked malt. A rare style of beer from centuries ago has been kept alive in the German city of Bamberg and has influenced brewers who travel from all over the world to drink the original “Rauchbier” (smoke beer). This version is brewed in the style of a Maibock (or helles-bock) which is a pale beer brewed to a higher strength and lagered for an extended period.

*Norwegian Wood | Spiced Dark Lager |  4.8% | 16/23oz | 6/8              A cold weather favorite here at City Steam! Brewed with pale and dark chocolate malts and lagered long for a smooth-drinking brew.  We then spiced this beer with rich Dutch cocoa and organic Vietnamese cinnamon for a delicious seasonal treat.

*Steampunk Porter | Vanilla Porter |5.5%|16 oz Can| 6$ Brewed with Chocolate malt, dark wheat, and carabohemian malts for a complex malt character with notes of dark caramel, bittersweet chocolate, and a slight roast. Vanilla compliments these flavors without overpowering, providing a warm, comforting  quality

Steampunk Porter NITRO w/ Cocoa Nibs |

5.5% | 16/23oz | 6.5/8.5

Steampunk Porter conditioned on cocoa nibs from Ethereal chocolatier, who roasts ethically sourced cocoa nibs from the Dominican Republic. This raw chocolate product contributes an earthy chocolate note as well as cherry and fig. Served on our nitro tap for a creamy texture and dense foam.

After Dark | Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout| 9.7% | 10oz | 9

This big, dark, roasty imperial stout was aged for over one year in Makers Mark bourbon barrels, adding complexity and flavors ranging from smoke, vanilla, bourbon, caramel, chocolate, dark fruits and oak. Darker than night with a full, creamy texture and a bitter finish.


  • = available for Happy Hour

Guest Taps

Nine Pin  | Off-Dry Hard Cider |  6.7% | 14oz |   7              Downeast | Sweet Hard Cider | 5.5% | 16/23oz | 6/8