What’s on Tap?

 Beer List Updated   November 10, 2017


Colt 46 | American Light Lager | 4.6%

Our lightest offering in color, calories and carbs. An easy-drinking American light lager brewed with 100% malt and no adjuncts!

Blonde on Blonde | American Pale Ale | 5.7%

Our rotating hopped pale ale.  This batch of Blonde on Blonde was crafted using East Kent Golding, Cascade, Mandarina Bavaria and Amarillo hops! Look for notes of grapefruit, orange and grassy herbs.

Countryside Kölsch | Kölsch-Style Ale | 5.4%

A lovely take on a German classic. This Kölsch-style ale was brewed using the finest Floor-Malted German Bohemian Pilsner Malts and Noble hops. A light bodied ale fermented cold and aged long. Look for gentle honey-like, bready malt flavors and just a touch of spicy Saaz hops.

Export Lager | Dortmunder | 5.8%

A classic Dortmunder/Export-style German Lager. Brewed with    imported malts and hops, this beer is smooth and easy drinking.  Gentle cracker/biscuit malt notes balanced out by a spicy and herbal hop bite.

Tartford | Kettle Sour Ale | 4.5%

Brewed with American Red Wheat and Pilsner malts, this ale throws off the perfect amount of tartness for easy summer drinking.  Heavy handed hopping of Galaxy, Mosaic, Simcoe and El Dorado yield a crisp and fruity tart brew.

White Wedding | Wheat Ale | 5.5%

An old-favorite revisited for 2017. Large portions of wheat along with orange peel and coriander produce a creamy, yet light and fruity brew. A touch of Citra hops in the whirlpool enhance the orange  flavor, while American ale yeast finishes the beer clean and crisp.

16oz 4-pack cans available!

ADK Harvest |  Wet-Hop Pale Ale | 5.6%

Brewed with hops from Adirondack Hop Farm in Upstate, NY. A unique beer that only comes ones a year due to the necessity of freshly harvested hops. Brewed with over 150lbs of wet-hops picked that very day! Grassy, earthy, citrusy and delicious! Rounded out with Galaxy hops for additional notes of peach and papaya.

Pagano’s Pumpkin Patch |  Spiced Ale | 5.4%

A toasty malt backbone meets over 100lbs of pumpkin puree as well as fresh-ground cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, all-spice and vanilla!  A ghoulishly good treat for the beginning of Fall!

16oz 4-pack cans available!

Jungle Crush! | IPA | 7%

A house-favorite specialty IPA and the creator of the Jungle Series!  Low malt profile with massive additions of Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic yield a fruity brew with notes of peach, mango and citrus.

16oz 4-pack cans available!

Juwanna IPA? | Imperial IPA | 10%

Well, do you?  This massive IPA was brewed with American-grown Pilsner and Wheat malts.  Tamed bitterness, yet massively hopped with Amarillo, Simcoe and Citra.  Big aroma/flavor of papaya,  mango and citrus.  Smooth and deceptively easy to drink!

Do Right 2017 | Ales for ALS IPA | 7.3%

The ALS Institute teams up with Loftus Hop Farms and puts   together a special blend of new and preexisting hops. Participating breweries then brew a beer and donate $1 of every pint sold back to the Institute. The 2017 blend is bursting with fruit flavor!

Naughty Nurse IPA | American IPA | 6.5%

Our flagship IPA! Brewed with just a touch of English crystal malt and a plethora of American-grown hops. Notes of citrus and grapefruit intertwine with delicate malt sweetness and approachable bitterness for a super easy drinking brew.

12oz 6-pack bottles available!

Naughty Nurse | Amber Ale | 5%

Brewed for a spicy, slightly bittersweet finish in the traditional English manner. Delicate malt caramel-like sweetness paired with     traditional English hops. Our flagship ale! 6-packs available to-go in bottles or cans!

12oz 6-pack bottles and cans available!

Mule’s Mild | Extra Special Bitters | 5%

A quintessential example of English drinking culture. Known for its low alcohol, hop profile and sessionability. Biscuit and nutty malt flavors with just a touch of chocolate on the finish. Traditional   English hops add a slight spice and herbal character, poured on   nitrogen.

Norwegian Wood | Spiced Lager | 4.8%

A cold weather favorite here at City Steam! Brewed with pale and dark chocolate malts and lagered long for a smooth-drinking brew.  We then spiced this beer with rich Dutch cocoa and organic   Vietnamese cinnamon for a delicious seasonal treat.

16oz 4-pack cans available!

Momma’s Oats | Oatmeal Stout | 4.5%

Heavy additions of flaked oats and crystal malts, along with high mash temperatures yield a suburb creamy brew. Notes of roast, coffee, chocolate, caramel and oats with a sweet, malty finish.

Half-Caff | Coffee Porter | 4.8%

Copious amounts of chocolate and roasted malts add dark color and deep, rich flavors while a touch of smoked malt enhances the toasted character. Co-fermented with Grade A Molasses and then cold-aged on whole-bean Blue Bottle coffee. Look for notes of roast, chocolate, rum and a hint of smoke with an elegant chocolate/berry/caramel flavor from the coffee.

Back to the Earth | Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout | 10.8%

This beer started out as a huge Imperial Stout with big notes of raw cocoa, coffee, chocolate cake and caramel.  Smooth and creamy, we then threw it in recently emptied Bourbon Barrels from Chattanooga Distillery in Tennessee.  Big and boozy with so much more added flavor including vanilla, oak and caramel, as well as Bourbon!

Guest Taps

Nine Pin | Signature Hard Cider | 6.7%

Down East | Unfiltered Hard Cider | 5.5%

Lindeman’s Framboise | Raspberry Lambic | 2.5%